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Coupi DEM provides physically based simulations of problems involving engineering objects interacting with cohesive or cohesionless granular and discontinuous materials and solids that undergo erosion, failure, and large displacements. Some examples of the many problems that are ideal for Coupi DEM solutions are shown below. Industries where DEM models help improve design, manufacturing and operations include

  1. Agriculture and food handling
  2. Chemical
  3. Civil Engineering
  4. Construction and agricultural machinery
  5. Geotechnical engineering
  6. Oil and gas
  7. Medical and biological processes
  8. Metals manufacturing
  9. Mining
  10. Mineral processing
  11. Space exploration and operations
  12. Transportation
  13. Tire design and manufacturing
  14. Pharmaceutical
  15. Powder metallurgy

Example problems that can be readily address using DEM models include:

  1. Bulk material handling
    1. Agricultural products; food handling; mineral ore; construction granular materials; powders used in metallurgy, toner cartridges and drug manufacturing
    2. Transport, flow and storage via hoppers, shoots, conveyer systems, pipes, truck and train beds, silos, heap
  2. Product design, performance and manufacturing
    1. Mobility performance of vehicles with tires or tracks off-road and on pavement
    2. Drilling, drug manufacturing; dispensing powders as aerosols, toner cartridges, 3D printing, dust control systems
    3. Material resistance to erosion or failure from dynamic and impact loads
    4. Excavator and construction machinery loads and performance
    5. Constructed works to stabilize slopes, rock faces and fill material
    6. Granular material processing (e.g., foods, mineral ore, powders)
    7. Particle flows
    8. Performance of engineered objects and processes in Earth orbit and on the surfaces of the moon, asteroids and planets