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Showcasing DEM Capability with National Conferences

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May 28, 2018

Logo for 2018 SME national conference Jerry Johnson and Anton Kulchitsky showcased Coupi, Inc.’s DEM modeling capabilities to the industrial mining community at the Society of Mining Engineers’ Annual Conference and Expo (February 25-28 of 2018), in Minneapolis, Minnesota. “We introduced our new software to the mining community. We discussed how to apply our DEM particle dynamics approach to simulate activities like excavation, ore pellet-screening, particle transport, and balmily comminution. There are lots of ways we can assist in extracting, processing, and transporting mineral materials” noted Johnson. Check out the video at the Coupi Youtube Channel.

logo for 2018 particle technology conference

Johnson and Kulchitsky recently attended the 8th World Congress on Particle Technology (April 22 – 26, 2018), in Orlando, Florida. We saw many opportunities where DEM could move a project forward. The presentations at the conference highlighted the importance of understanding particle behavior in industrial processes, from processing agricultural grains (such as producing cereals), to handling powdered source material used in 3D additive manufacturing (for example, complex flow nozzles, such as fuel injectors for rockets). Simulating these processes is a priority in describing particle processes and behaviors in these industrial settings. A priority for future efforts identified at the conference is to validate models simulating particle processes, including behaviors of particles with complex shapes.

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