About Coupi™

How we build innovative solutions to scientific and engineering challenges.

What We Do

With our tools, customers can achieve their design and mission goals on Earth and in Space.

Coupi, Inc. specializes in developing physics-based discrete elements methods (DEM) models of granular materials. We model their interaction with fluids, solids, and engineered equipment and infrastructure on Earth and in Space.

Clients come to us when they need solutions to complex engineering and technical problems. We develop applications, perform simulations, and provide models and other software to help our clients reach their goals.

Our Values

Constant Improvement & Embracing Change

The challenges facing our clients are ever-changing, which means we have to innovate to stay ahead. That’s why we continuously upgrade Coupi’s software capabilities, so we improve the accuracy of our complex physical world engineering and science simulations.

Embracing change helps us stay one step ahead, and it’s why we lead the pack through innovation and excellence. Here are some other things we value at Coupi: 


Pursuing Challenging Work

By pushing ourselves to test new approaches and immersing ourselves in complex problems, we shape an environment that promotes growth, learning and accomplishment.

Maintaining a Talented and Diverse Workforce

If complex scientific and technical challenges invigorate you and you’re serious about becoming the best in your field, we’d like to work with you. We invest in our employees, and that’s how we maintain a talented, diverse and committed team.

Inhabit a Culture of Integrity, Respect, and Collegiality

Supportive staff. Constructive feedback. An open environment where you can feel comfortable asking questions and proposing new approaches. We’re serious about fostering a culture that demands integrity and builds collegiality.

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3061 Monteverde Rd.
Fairbanks, Alaska 99709


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