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Coupi DEM provides physically based simulations of problems involving engineering objects interacting with cohesive or cohesionless granular and discontinuous materials and solids that undergo erosion, failure, and large displacements.

How We Do It

Coupi DEM simulates the 3-dimensional properties and processes of granular media and solid materials and their response to external forces and deformations. Granular particles can be represented as spheres, multisphere clusters or polyhedral shapes.

Spherical particles are computationally efficient, but do not respond realistically to external loads or deformations. Multisphere clusters are used to represent more complex particles shapes while maintaining the simplicity of spherical contacts. Polyhedral particle shapes are used when realistic shape representation of granular media is required.

Particle micro-scale contact algorithms that determine the global-scale constitutive response of granular media are based on physical parameters. Physically realistic simulation models are created by appropriate parameterization of micro-scale properties, such as particle contact friction, elastic moduli, viscosity, surface energy, contact cementation, failure criteria.

Engineering designs can be imported from commercial CAD applications or created within Coupi’s software integration environment.

Why We’re Unique

Coupi DEM was built from the ground up with real-world engineering problems in mind. Here is a list of features that help set Coupi’s software apart:

  • Accurate particle shape representation using polyhedra and spheres.
  • Accurate non-linear contact physics with a full JKR adhesion solver.
  • CAD integration and import of engineered objects as triangular meshes.
  • Flexible and powerful embedded Lua interpreter and editor with rich library.
  • A state-of-the-art event-driven interaction of user scripts and the Coupi computational Kernel.
  • Runs on GPUs resulting in a very fast and reliable computational environment.
  • Support of GNU/Linux, MacOSX, and Windows operating systems.
  • Convenient graphical integrated modeling environment Cime ™.
  • Graphical interface may run multiple Kernel instances on different computers in the network or in the cloud.
  • Open data self-documented HDF5 file format.
  • Geotechnical properties test suite that includes cone penetrometer, triaxial membrane, direct shear, tensile strength.
  • Rich library of scripts and utilities for pre- and post-processing with extensive documentation.


Industries where Coupi’s DEM models help improve design, manufacturing and operations include:

  • Agriculture and food handling
  • Chemical
  • Civil Engineering
  • Construction and agricultural machinery
  • Geotechnical engineering
  • Oil and gas
  • Medical and biological processes
  • Metals manufacturing
  • Mining
  • Mineral processing
  • Space exploration and operations
  • Transportation
  • Tire design and manufacturing
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Powder metallurgy


Below are just a couple examples where customers have seen success using Coupi’s DEM software and consulting solutions.

Bulk material handling

  • Agricultural products; food handling; mineral ore; construction granular materials; powders used in metallurgy, toner cartridges and drug manufacturing
  • Transport, flow and storage via hoppers, shoots, conveyer systems, pipes, truck and train beds, silos, heap

Product design, performance and manufacturing

  • Mobility performance of vehicles with tires or tracks off-road and on pavement
  • Drilling, drug manufacturing; dispensing powders as aerosols, toner cartridges, 3D printing, dust control systems
  • Material resistance to erosion or failure from dynamic and impact loads
  • Excavator and construction machinery loads and performance
  • Constructed works to stabilize slopes, rock faces and fill material
  • Granular material processing (e.g., foods, mineral ore, powders)
  • Particle flows
  • Performance of engineered objects and processes in Earth orbit and on the surfaces of the moon, asteroids and planets

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