Our Approach

Coupi is more than just an innovative software company. We can take the next step in working side-by-side with you to fix complex problems.

Where most engineering and operation teams get stuck, we help companies find a way, uncovering why your system is misbehaving and what is preventing your manufacturing process from working seamlessly or why the quality of your product is not turning out as intended.

Problem Identification:

With a combined 50+ years of world-renowned engineering and applied research experience, we have a track record of identifying and solving unique and complex engineering problems.

We conduct customer-driven research and development activities to identify factors that affect engineering design and performance in operational settings.

Define Solution Approach:

Once the root of the problem has been identified, our applied research and technology can help your company save money and time by optimizing designs and production methods and identifying a faster path to market with increased productivity and profit margins.

Validation and Calibration:

Models are validated and calibrated with available laboratory and field data to ensure accurate representation and solutions. Using our Polyphisica particle dynamics CAE patented technology and years of experience as mathematicians, physicists and engineers, we help operations in a multitude of industries figure out the root cause of the problem and how to model a workable solution.


We develop and use continuum and discrete element methods based on physical processes to simulate complex interactions between engineered and natural, particle-based materials; with our tools, customers can achieve their design and mission goals whether on Earth or in Space. Learn more about what makes our software solutions unique.

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