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Modeling physical world and off-world systems using
discrete element methods (DEM).

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Coupi, Inc. builds innovative solutions to scientific and engineering challenges. Specifically, we provide creative and high-quality physics-based modeling and engineering services to our customers.

We develop and use continuum and discrete element methods (DEM) based on physical processes to simulate complex interactions between engineered and natural, particle-based materials.

Our consulting team of engineers and scientists has extensive experience in developing and applying DEM applications to prototype engineering designs, operational outcomes and the behavior of bulk materials.

With our tools, customers can achieve their design and mission goals on Earth and in Space.

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We’ve Been Building Models For Over 10 Years

We develop applications, perform simulations, and provide Discrete Element Method (DEM) modeling and other software solutions to solve complex engineering problems.

Our innovative DEM simulation techniques use physical parameters, experiments and testing to guide model development and validate simulation results.

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