Particles in a flow with Lua control functions in Coupi Polyphysica

A short demonstration of Coupi Polyphysica’s Lua control function capability to simulate the transport of particles in a fluid field flow around a cylinder.

Lua control functions are a unique capability that allows Polyphysica to couple with different physical processes and incorporate complicated tools movements in the model.

Happy Holidays from Coupi

Celebrating Christmas with a DEM simulation of a snowball.

Coupi at SME Annual Conference & Expo

Founders Jerry Johnson and Anton Kulchitsky attended the Society of Mining Engineers’ conference to introduce Coupi DEM modeling capabilities to the industrial mining community.

Coupi, Inc. is a new, vibrant company modeling complex particle geometry for a range of uses.

Coupi DEM is a modeling environment capable of simulating particulate materials (ore material, conveyor belts, ball mills, silos, excavation, roller fillers, sizing and separator equipment).

Coupi DEM realistic particles

Coupi DEM is a computer aided engineering (CAE) software that accurately simulates discontinuous processes and multi-body dynamics that cannot be modeled otherwise.

Coupi’s software is designed using efficient algorithms and multi-threaded computations produce fast simulations.

Applications include simulating impact forces, breaking larger objects into smaller ones, excavation, and handling granular materials in construction, mining, pharmaceuticals, transportation, and agriculture.

Coupi Hourglass Simulation

An hourglass simulation with 3-sphere cluster sand particles and a CAD model of an hourglass made in Coupi 0.92.3 Beta.

Music: “The Good News or The Bad News” © Mike Durek. Licensed CC BY 4.0.

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