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Coupi has combined our science, engineering and DEM simulation expertise to provide consulting and R&D services, including R&D partnerships to agencies, organizations and private industry. Customers and partners include NASA, JPL, DoE, Johns Hopkins, Applied Mechanics Associates, and Honeybee Robotics.

Coupi consulting and R&D services works with customers to develop simulation solutions to meet their specific technical, design, budget and timeline requirements. We conduct customer-driven research and development activities to identify factors that affect engineering design and performance in operational settings. Our engineers and scientists can provide insight into the factors that affect performance of engineered equipment needed to successfully develop simulation models.

Models are validated and calibrated with available laboratory and field data, Coupi participates in government research programs that include agency RFPs, SBIR and STTR and welcome partners to develop ideas into successful projects. If your idea needs research and simulation expertise please contact us.

Coupi Software features that make the software unique:

  • Accurate particle shape representation using polyhedra and spheres.
  • Accurate non-linear contact physics with a full JKR adhesion solver.
  • CAD integration and import of engineered objects as triangular meshes.
  • Flexible and powerful embedded Lua interpreter and editor with rich library.
  • A state-of-the-art event-driven interaction of user scripts and the Coupi computational Kernel.
  • Runs on GPUs resulting in a very fast and reliable computational environment.
  • Support of GNU/Linux, MacOSX, and Windows operating systems.
  • Convenient graphical integrated modeling environment Cime ™.
  • Graphical interface may run multiple Kernel instances on different computers in the network or in the cloud.
  • Open data self-documented HDF5 file format.
  • Geotechnical properties test suite that includes cone penetrometer, triaxial membrane, direct shear, tensile strength.
  • Rich library of scripts and utilities for pre- and post-processing with extensive documentation.