Quantum Computers, the Pancake Problem, & More

by | Dec 18, 2019 | The Coupi Review

Welcome to our monthly roundup of the best links on the internet about engineering, physics, and computer modeling. This month’s edition is full of interesting articles and resources to keep you up to date with the world of computer-assisted engineering and discrete elements methods.

Simulating the Real World

  • In 1980, Paul Benioff proposed the idea of Quantum Computing based on the 1936 paper by Alan Turing. Since then, there has been a push to create quantum computers, computers that can solve problems in under 4 minutes rather than the 10,000 years+ years it would take existing computers.  The rush has only accelerated with Google claiming quantum supremacy.

Practical Applications

  • Everyone has favorites. Learn about thepreferred sand used in hydraulic fracturing for keeping fractures open to allow oil and gas flow to the surface. 

Physics Lesson

  • While wine swirls in the direction of bottle rotation, a collection of grains will swirl either direction. It all has to do with the different way frictional forces are transmitted from the container wall into a liquid compared to grains. Harvard researchers call this the pancake problem.

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