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Research: It’s Toys First, Catapults Later

This is the first of a series of blogs on research and engineering in design, invention, and problem-solving for industrial products and processes. We Were all Research Engineers Once: For all of human history, people have worked to improve their quality of life by discovering, inventing, designing, and building. Then ...
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Coupi Origins: Particle Modeling Techniques for NASA

Coupi, Inc. is the end result of efforts to develop particle modeling techniques to solve the complex problems NASA encountered in their planning process for a return to Earth's Moon. At the behest of the George W. Bush administration, NASA identified a return to the moon as a priority. The ...
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Showcasing DEM Capability with National Conferences

Jerry Johnson and Anton Kulchitsky showcased Coupi, Inc.'s DEM modeling capabilities to the industrial mining community at the Society of Mining Engineers' Annual Conference and Expo (February 25-28 of 2018), in Minneapolis, Minnesota. "We introduced our new software to the mining community. We discussed how to apply our DEM particle ...
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